One of the favourite booths at the MCC Festival is the Bake Sale, and we need your help to fill it!

Items can be baked in homes or church kitchens. Items should be portioned out (dozen, half-dozen, loaf, etc.) and packaged in new Ziploc or twist-tied bags, new disposable trays and/or wrapped in new clear plastic. Each package should be labeled with the name of the item and the full list of ingredients. You can download printable labels here, or you can pick up pre-printed, stick-on labels at your local MCC Thrift Shop or the MCC BC Office in Abbotsford. 

– Cookies
– Squares / Bars / Brownies
– Cinnamon Rolls (no frosting)
– Loaves (Banana, Zucchini)
– Bread
– Gluten and Dairy Free items

Popular Items:
– Zwieback
– Cookies (Peppermint Chocolate, Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip)
– Perishke
– Banana Bread
– Loaves of Bread

Please do not bring any custard or cream items, or any dairy toppings, as we do not have a cooler. *

All items can be dropped off on Friday Sept. 13 before 4 pm or Saturday Sept. 14 before 9 am around the back of TRADEX, at the east doors of Hall B, as shown in the map below.

We also need pies for the pie & ice cream booths. These must be prepared in an approved kitchen. If you would like to do this, please contact Shelley Dueck at 604-850-6639 to make arrangements and ensure all of the proper documentation is submitted to the Health Inspector.